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Mzansi Mentality came together because of the recognition that over the past few years, mental health has been a significant social issue in South Africa. We're primarily interested in how the public narratives about mental health are one dimensional and often increase stigma about mental health.  

This podcast aims to illustrate how mental health issues in South Africa are a product of larger socio-economic and structural factors that are not only unique to mental health care users and those living with a mental health illness. The current public perception, narrative and media reporting on mental health often presents and boxes in mental as a pathology. This often creates fertile ground for misinformation, stigma and the othering of those who live with mental health illnesses. Ultimately, we want to use mental health as a lens into understanding issues of race, culture, religion, gender, sexuality, immigration, education, disability and inequality in South Africa.

During each episode, we will explore a relevant socio-economic issue and unpack how it relates to mental health. During each episode, we'll be joined by various guests who are experts and leaders in their field as well as individuals who can add dimension to our topic. Ultimately, we want the podcast to be a space where we can highlight challenges, potential solutions and learn about mental health in the South African context.